Flak Doku

Here you can see a documentary about the history of the Ludwigsburg barracks and the Flak barracks.
Thanks to the "Ludwigsburger Film- und Videoclub e.V" for permission to publish this video.

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The Flak Kaserne Ludwigsburg

This documentary film was commissioned by the then real estate office of the city of Ludwigsburg. The requirement was to document the history of the anti-aircraft barracks from 1936 (construction) to 2003 (creation of the documentation). Embedded in it should be an outline of the barracks history of the garrison town of Ludwigsburg. This 45-minute documentary took two years to research, shoot and edit. The result was a documentation of the Ludwigsburg barracks with their diverse architectural styles and uses. The documentation merges seamlessly into the history of the flak barracks. Eyewitnesses could even be found for the period from 1940 to 1945. In order to show the time when the American "occupation" of the barracks, the makers tried the Internet and found many American CI's who liked to remember the time in the "Flak". With pictures and descriptions they contributed to the liveliness of the essentially dry matter.
Building by building, the entire barracks complex was documented in this film.

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