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Thank you to Birgit King and Edward Towse for the translations. I hope you enjoy the book. The book contains two languages - English and German. With every book you will buy, you support this homepage. You can order the book with PayPal or your Credit Card.

Please search „Blurb Gift Code“ in Google. You can order the book cheaper with this codes.

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The final magazine and the PDF version are now available from the Flak Kaserne in Ludwigsburg.

With the purchase of the book you support the preservation of this homepage. If you still don't want to invest in a piece of Ludwigsburg history, you can also look at the book in the city library in Ludwigsburg or in the Garnisonmuseum in Ludwigsburg.

The book can only be ordered online. It can be paid by direct debit, credit card or Paypal.

The book contains numerous texts and images that deal with the history of the Flak Kaserne and the current use of the site.

Thank you very much. Please note that the book is produced especially for you and shipping can take up to two weeks.

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