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Welcome to the Homepage about Flak Kaserne in Ludwigsburg. Here you can see everything about the history and the new area „Hartenecker Höhe“.

The idea for this website came about in 2008 and is a voluntary and unpaid project. The purpose is to preserve a piece of Ludwigsburg history on the Internet.


The History of Flak

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The Flak Kaserne barracks in Ludwigsburg, district of Oßweil, is a former Kaserne of the 25th German Flak-Regiment and later the U.S. Army.
The start of construction took place in late 1935 and lasted until the spring of 1937 when the first Soldiers and Officers of the 25th Anti-Aircraft Regiment moved on to Flak Kaserne which has an area of approximately 19-acres.
The Opening Ceremony took place on 12 September 1936 in the presence of Colonel Kolb, Colonel Heilingbrunner, (Commanders of the 25th Flak Regiment) and Ludwigsburgs former mayor Dr. Karl Frank and other guests.
During the ceremony, military aircraft flew formation over the Kaserne. The first occupants erected several accommodation facilities for the Soldiers and a makeshift barracks until the elegant Officerskasino was built in1938.
For amusement and cultural events for the Soldiers of the 25th anti-aircraft Regiment such as theater or music, the Gym was built, (which has not been torn down due to the Monumental Protection Law) and there were special appearances from Stars like Zarah Leander and Ilse Werner.
In April 1945 the French and American troops occupied the city of Ludwigsburg and took over Flak Kaserne where the German Commanders surrendered the area to the victors.
After initial problems with the French, they then left the City of Ludwigsburg and it was taken over by Captain (later Major) John Lindsay of the United States Military Government.

After the war

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Flak Kaserne was used by the Americans as a camp for former Nazis.


Used as a refugee camp for displaced people and returnees of the War.


Headquarters of the 4th U.S. Transportation Battalion


Flak Kaserne and the Land now owned by the Federal Republic of Germany


Flak Kaserne was sold to the city of Ludwigsburg and the beginning of planning and development of the site took place in August 2007.

Flak Kaserne was one of the largest Nazi camps the U.S. Army Commanded. After 1948, Flak Kaserne served two years as a refugee camp and was named IC74 by the Americans for the lost persons of the war.

Occupants of the Kaserne included August Wilhelm of Prussia, Richard Walther Darré and Johann Ludwig Graf Schwerin von Krosigk.

In 1950 Flak Kaserne went into the management of the U.S. Armed Forces.

After renovations were made the 4th Transportation Battalion moved on to Flak and remained there until the start of the Gulf War in 1991 when the last American Soldier left Flak Kaserne and the City of Ludwigsburg.


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After the departure of the American soldiers in 1991, Flak Kaserne remained empty. The Kaserne also had to be renovated because of the different solvents and fuel that contaminated the soil over the years of Military presence. Later, over the years, there were repeated cases of vandalism where windows were smashed and destroyed and the interior of the buildings were also destroyed and full of Graffiti. The area was heavily overgrown by plants and weeds. Parts of the Kaserne were used as a parking lot for truck trailers and as training grounds for the German police.
There was talk about having the complete Kaserne torn down which had turned out to be a very hard task to accomplish due to the fact that the complete Kaserne to include many of the old trees were under the Monumental protection Law. Another reason was also because the German Federal government was demanding too much money for the purchases of the Kaserne.
After long and hard negotiations with the German Government the City of Ludwigsburg finally signed the Contract with the Federal Agency for Real Estate (BimA) for the purchase of Flak Kaserne on May 4th 2007.
Flak Kaserne now had the new name of Hartenecker Heights. The price for Flak was approximately 8.25 million Euros. The almost 19 acre site offered the best position for diverse high quality Housing for about 1,600 people looking for a new home.

There were Apartment buildings, double and single homes built. Before the building process could start they first had to remove all of the contaminated products from the area to include toxins, oil and asbestos.

On August 13th 2007 the City of Ludwigsburg started with the negotiations for the demolition work. The development of the site began in the fall of 2008. Since 2009, the first families moved into the new housing on Hartenecker heights.

With a few exceptions, almost all buildings were demolished. At least 300 of the 600 trees, the gym, the former casino, as well as the guard house and part of the stone wall were saved from demolition. Also the memorial for the 25th Flak Regiment, as well as a plaque for 50 years of the barracks from 1984 remained intact.
On 18 November 2008 it was announced that the owner of the bakery Anders, bought the guardhouse. He wanted to renovate the building and open up his sixth bakery. In addition, a cafe on the ground floor should be opened in the summer and it should be a small external management. Upstairs, two apartments were planned.
These plans were never done. The baker had stepped back from the purchase according to information from the city of Ludwigsburg.Shortly there after the bakery Luckscheiter bought the building. The renovations have been completed. They have created a café and museum, a bakery with outdoor seating, as well as two apartments. They celebrated the Grand Opening in February 2013.

The Officers' Club that was built in 1938 with approximately 3500 square meters of space that included a dining room with stucco ceiling and wall paneling, and a fireplace with decorative work.

The casino has been converted into an apartment building named "Casino Leander" - based on their performances at the casino. When remodeling a lot of attention was paid to the preservation of this historical building.

The old gymnasium on the former site of Flak Kaserne was converted into a child and family center. Where once the soldiers had trained could now be used for playing children. Accordingly, the new child care center was designed as a "house within a house".
The Gym remained as an the outer shell, including roof construction. The interior of the Gym now has another building that is being used as a child and family center, however, not the entire inner surface was used. More than a third remained to exist as a kind of covered outdoor area.
Children can therefore also “play outdoors” in bad weather.
In order to draw more natural light inside the old gym, the roof and parts of the walls were removed and replaced with safety glass.

On September 13, 2015 the unveiling of the memorial plaque took place on the former exit of the Kaserne. The Mayor of Ludwigsburg and many former US Soldiers were attending the ceremonial.

The memorial plaque has the following engraving: „In honor an grateful remembrance of the soldiers of the United States Army who served at Flakkaserne, Ludwigsburg, from 1950 to 1991.“

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